• PA66+GF30 Strainer for Automotive industry
  • PA66+GF30 Strainer for Automotive industry
  • PA66+GF30 Strainer for Automotive industry
  • PA66+GF30 Strainer for Automotive industry
  • PA66+GF30 Strainer for Automotive industry
PA66+GF30 Strainer for Automotive industry

PA66+GF30 Strainer for Automotive industry

제품 상세 정보:

원래 장소: 중국
브랜드 이름: Forwa
인증: ISO9001 / ISO14001 / IATF16949
모델 번호: 관습

결제 및 배송 조건:

최소 주문 수량: 1개 세트
가격: Negotiation
포장 세부 사항: 맞춘 나무상자
배달 시간: 확인된 2D와 3D 몰드 디자인 뒤에 있는 5 주
지불 조건: 전신환
공급 능력: 달 당 약 35 세트
최고의 가격 접촉

상세 정보

파트 명칭: 스트레이너 공동: 1*1
재료: PA66+GF30 색: 검정색
러너: 밸브 게이트와 핫 러너 게이트: 핀 게이트
구멍 강철: 1.2343ESR 핵심 강철: 1.2343ESR
삽입물 강철: 1.2343ESR 제너레셜 끝마무리: SPI-B3
허용한도: +/-0.05
하이 라이트:

PA66 GF30 Strainer


Automotive Industry Strainer


Automotive Injection Parts Strainer

제품 설명

PA66+GF30 Strainer for Automotive industry

Strainer connector for Auto industry 


Mould information

1.Mould standard DME
2.Mould type 2 Plate
3.Mould base steel Chinses P20
4.A/B plate steel Chinese P20
5.Core/Caviry steel 1.2343ESR
6.Runner type 1.2343EST
7.Gate type Valve gate
8.Project name Strainer filter
9.Part name Strainer
10.Material available PA66+GF30
11.Shrinkage rate 1.007
12.Part color Black / White / yellow / Nature
13.Surface finishing SPI-B3
14.Cycle time 38s
15.Injection machine 200T
16.Injection machine brand Arburg / Fanuc / Haitian
17.2D Mould structure CAD Software (DWG, DXF Format)
18.3D Mould structure UG, Proe Software (Prt, X-T, stp, step, Igs, Format etc.)
19.Mould folw report CAD Mould flow (PPT format)
20.Mould processing report Update each week
21.MOQ 1 set
22.Payment term T/T
23.Package Custom Wooden box
24.Deliverly date 5 Weeks
25.Mould number According to customer requirement
26.Mould life 1 million shots


Part Function:

The Strainer is to filter the sundries .



Q: How can you get the quotation?

When we get the detailed information during working days, we will provide you the quotation within 24 hours.

Please help to provide us the following information with your inquiry.


1) 2D Part drawing. (CAD or DXF format)
2) 3D Part drawing. (Prt, X-T, stp, step, Igs, Iges, Format etc.)

3) Mould cavity. (1*1 or 1*2 or 1*4 etc.)
3) Part Material. (Material requirement or Material date sheet)

4) Mould standard. (DME or HASCO or LKM) 

5) Mould standard component. (DME or HASCO or MISUMI or LKM)

6) Mould Steel. (1.2344 or 1.2738H or NAK80 or 1.2767)
7) Part surface treatment. (General polishing or mirror polishing or VID3400-Ref# or Tuxture or SPI-#)
8) Quantity of plastic part. (per order / per month / annual)

9) Mould life.
10) Any special demands or requirements, such as packing, labels,delivery etc.


PA66+GF30 Strainer for Automotive industry 0

Q: What are the main oversea markets of Forwa?
1)Currently Forwa regular oversea customers are from the USA, the UK, Italy, Germany, France and India etc.


Q: How do we control the quality?

1). When getting the new order, Our team will open a meeting to analyze the part stucture and mould stucture carefully to ensure everyting is great.
2). Our team will review the mould design and improve it to ensure mould life and mould operation before start to build the mould.

3). The project team will follow each step mould processing to ensure the mould processing on time and the mould processing quality.

4). Our QC team will inspect all the mould components after each processing step finish and then go next step. 

5). Our technical team will fit the mould carefully.

6). After the mould completed, our project team will check the mould operation before testing the mould.

7). Mould need to run about 3~4 hours during testing to ensure the mould operation.

8). The first sample inspected by QC and then provide the good samples to customer for testing.

9). During production, our IPQC will check the parts per 2 hours, ensure no any rejects;
10). FQC will check the products before sending to the warehouse;
11). 100% inspected by OQC before shipping out.

PA66+GF30 Strainer for Automotive industry 1

Q: What should we do if customer receive defective products?
1): If receive defective product, please send us the photos, we will feedback to our engineers and QC departments and solve the problems ASAP.

Q: How to pack the moulds and products?
1).For moulds, we will be coated one-layer anti-rust oil first,and then also will be covered thin films on the mould, finally pack into fumigation wooden case.
2).And as to products, we will pack into standard export cartons or as per customer’s request to pack.

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